Daily WOD

  • Thursday

    CrossFit Murdock – CrossFit


    General Warmup (No Measure)

    Jog 2 laps or Row 500m, or Bike 1 minute

    10 lunges

    10 high kicks

    12 PVC pass thru’s

    12 hollow rocks or GHD sit ups

    10 supermen or GHD back ext.

    6 short, tight kips

    work shoulder mobility with light plates


    Deadlift (6X2 Climbing)

    Perform only 6 sets taking 1:30 rest as it gets heavy. Add weight every set. Record heaviest set.

    Pistols (3×6)

    perform 3 set of 6/leg either using a box, band of strict.


    Sub Dallas (Time)

    7 rounds for time:

    Complete the following:

    7 Pull ups/ ring rows

    20 Wall Balls 20/14/, 14/10

    16 butterfly ab mat sit ups

    5 Ground to Overhead 95/75, 75/55
    25 min cap