CrossFit is a unique strength and conditioning program, that allows you to achieve ultimate fitness without all of the gimmicks! We all realize how much more effective real functional training is compared to doing aerobics and lifting weights. CrossFit Murdock uses this program, which will challenge you and get you in the best shape of your life.

We guarantee you that you have never experienced anything like it!

You will discover team work, your competitive edge, your strength (mental and physical), and your desire to improve every single time you come in to workout. It is a combination of cardiovascular, strength, agility, balance, flexibility, coordination and so much more!

We can guarantee that you have never had a workout experience like this before! WE PROMISE. Every session has at least one, most likely 2 coaches, to provide instruction so you can perform your movements with the proper technique in a SAFE and EFFICIENT manner, its like having your own personal trainer.